Cowboys vs Bills Thanksgiving Embarrassment

The Vent: Cowboys vs Bills Thanksgiving Embarrassment

Long-Expected Football Holiday Didn’t Go As Planned Cowboys vs Bills Thanksgiving Was A Disaster

The fire Jason Garrett mantra will grow even stronger after the Dallas Cowboys were punked on their home field on Thanksgiving by the Buffalo Bills, 26-15. It was an embarrassing display playing for their coach and their pride after getting dogged all week by the media.

With all that was on the line tonight, the Cowboys came out and crapped the bed. It was putrid and the mistakes were unfathomable.

Dak Prescott, every Cowboys fans’ MVP candidate a few weeks ago, missed easy throws, was picked off on an inexplicable screen pass and showed horrendous pocket presence. Prescott was sacked four times and fumbled twice, losing one of them. The missed throw to Ezekiel Elliott on fourth and goal was one of the worst passes in the NFL on the year.

Despite the two turnovers, the Cowboys still were able to move the ball. However, Brett Maher blew two field goal tries and it forced the Cowboys to play catchup for the rest of the game.

Unfortunately, the defense was just as bad. The unit wasn’t able to stop the Bills and Josh Allen from going up and down the field. During a stretch where the Cowboys needed a stop without giving up points, the unit gave up four straight third down conversions and gave up three points that put the nail in the coffin.

It’s difficult to understand the defensive game plan that had no spy on a running quarterback and asked its defensive linemen to stick back instead of attacking a QB who makes mistakes when pressured. Jaylon Smith was lost most of the game, Sean Lee couldn’t bring down ball carriers on the first contact and the cornerbacks were constantly in a trail position. Cowboys vs Bills Thanksgiving was a big embarrassment.

Garrett isn’t long for the head coaching gig with the Cowboys, but he’s hardly the only one to blame. It starts at the top and Jerry Jones has allowed this core of players and coaches to fail too often. The embarrassing loss starts with Jones, continues with the coaches and includes the players. None of them are doing enough to win games.

The play that summed everything up was on fourth and one, Allen fumbled the snap and no Dallas defender forced Allen to the ground. Instead, the QB muscled his way to a first down. It was the epitome of the game; one team had fight and toughness, the other tried to finesse their way to a win. It’s the exact opposite of what we’re used to seeing with a Garrett led team and the players are just as guilty as the head coach for their lackluster performance.

What an ugly showing by the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, hope fans were able to keep their food down.

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