Michael Gallup

The Vent: Cowboys Blow NFC East In Disappointing Showing

You had to see this coming; after playing their best game of the season last week, the Dallas Cowboys floundered with an NFC East crown on the line in Philadelphia. It was a lackluster performance from the Cowboys with so much on the line and the team is now in desperation mode heading into the final week of the season.

It might have seemed strange to watch the Cowboys lose to an undermanned Eagles team, but this is who the Cowboys have been this year. They don’t play with any consistency from week-to-week, and they look like a completely different team on the road. The game plans appear vastly different and despite having the opportunities to beat the Eagles after an awful start, Dallas never found a rhythm.

There wasn’t enough play-action, there were too many runs on first down and there was no pressure on Carson Wentz. The Eagles didn’t have any of their starting wide receivers for the game, and yet the defense inexplicably sat in a soft zone for much of the night. Playing off coverage on the biggest weapons for the Eagles’ offense, the tight ends, made little sense.

However, the defense only managed to give up 17 points, a total that should’ve given one of the best offenses a chance to help win the game. Instead, it was a sloppy performance from everyone.

The Cowboys had six drops and left points on the field. It didn’t help that Dak Prescott was off for much of the game. The shoulder injury and not practicing appeared to affect his accuracy. Prescott missed wide-open receivers or threw behind them all game long. And when the Cowboys needed him on a drive to tie the game up late, Prescott couldn’t deliver.

Dallas and Prescott are now 0-for the season on comeback attempts. In what was one of Prescott’s best traits in the first three seasons, his ability to will the team to wins, has disappeared in 2019. When the Cowboys have needed him most, Prescott hasn’t gotten the job done, it’s that simple.

Not all the blame goes to Prescott though. Football is a team game and the entire team fell short. Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper weren’t on the field in key moments and it cost the Cowboys. The third and one, where the play call inexplicably ran an option and Tony Pollard fumbled, was one of the plays of the game. The call was terrible, but Elliott needs to be on the field.
The Cowboys needed their playmakers in this game and they didn’t get enough from them.

Nothing has changed for the Cowboys since Week Four of this season, they haven’t played good football in back-to-back games since early in the year. The bad Cowboys showed up today with so much on the line.

We should’ve seen this performance coming because the only thing that’s consistent with the Dallas Cowboys is their inconsistency.

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