Tuesday With Jerry Jones 11/29/19

Tuesday With Jerry Jones 11/26/19

It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talk about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s with Jerry, after another brutal loss:

On how he feels today after how outspoken he was after the game:

“I feel the same now that I felt than when you’re the GM, those coaches are out there are my ultimate decision. I should and do expect our fans to question how we perform.”

Jerry Speak: It’s OK to criticize the coaches, but it all falls on me because I’m the GM.

Reality: No joking around about this one, Jones is correct, the mess is his fault, he’s allowed these mistakes to happen on his watch and he hasn’t changed the results.

On practicing outside a few days last week:

“I’m not going to get into whether or not we could’ve picked the day to emulate the weather in New England. We never took advantage of a slippery ball…the head coach makes the decision (to practice inside or out.”

Jerry Speak: Blame Mother Nature for what the weather was in New England and that we couldn’t get a day like that last week to simulate the rain and wind in preparation.

Reality: The weather conditions had nothing to do with winning or losing the game, but the team should’ve prepared for those possible conditions (I’m not sure they did or didn’t).

Did he meet with Jason Garrett to talk about Patriots game?

“We won’t have time because this isn’t a normal work week. We won’t reflect on what happened because of a short week.”

Jerry Speak: I don’t have time to waste on a coach that’s not going to be here much longer.

Reality: It’s insane to believe that Jones hasn’t spoken to his coach about how poorly he coached his team the other day because it’s a short week. It’s a conversation that needs (needed) to happen.

On how they move past the “coaching errors” this week:

“Let’s start right now, come out and play well against an outstanding team in Buffalo. Let’s get the taste out of our mouths. We’re prepared to take advantage of the details of winning a football game. In a week like this, you can’t dwell on what happened Sunday.”

Jerry Speak: I’m an optimist, why would I look back at what happened when I can look forward.

Reality: You have to move on, the game on Thursday is more important than the game you’ve already lost.

Would Jerry make an in-season coaching change?

“The answer is no. Period.”

Jerry Speak: I’m not going to fire a coach in the middle of a season, unless it’s Wade Phillips.

Reality: Jones likes Garrett, he’s not going to get rid of a coach in the middle of a playoff race.

Would Jones have gone for a touchdown on 4th and 7:

“I live with that decision without criticism. I never had an issue on a call like that. When those calls work, I love’em, when they don’t, I don’t.”

Jerry Speak: I woud’ve went for that dang score!

Reality: Jones likely preferred to go for it, but isn’t gonna bash his coach after he’s bashed him enough the past few days.

On analytics during gameday:

“I agree (with Garrett), the analytics of the decision can help out but there are other factors (momentum of the game, the weather) it calculates the averages and theory but doesn’t take into account when you’ve gone against the odds and it’s worked out.”

Jerry Speak: I’d rather gamble on my gut than use those goofy numbers I don’t understand.

Reality: The Cowboys should be using analytics more for in-game decisions.

On being told the two tripping calls were incorrect:

“Those are things you have to live. Many times during the course of a game, we get told it happens (during the week)…When the game gets close, it’s a bad time to be honing in to get phantom type of interpretations of what you’re seeing.”

Jerry Speak: They were terrible calls but if I complain, it’s only going to get worse for my team.

Reality: The Cowboys have gotten the short-end of the stick for a number of years now and it’s pure crap.

On why Special Teams have been such a struggle:

“Relatively speaking, we have some inexperience in that area. That can show up…the nuances of pro game are a challenge. It’s an area where we’ve got our attention to because it pertains to field position, it changes possession. Going back a 100 years ago, we used to start every practice with 25 minutes of Special Teams.”

Jerry Speak: We need to start every practice with 25 minutes of Special Teams from now on.

Reality: The Cowboys should start every practice with 25 minutes of Special Teams work. Period.

*Please note, not all quotes are exact, but the words come straight from Jerry Jones

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