Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy As Head Coach

Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy As Head Coach

Well that escalated quickly, less than one day after the Dallas Cowboys announced they wouldn’t retain Jason Garrett, reports are the team will hire Mike McCarthy as the next head coach. Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy As Head Coach. It was a weird week for the Cowboys and their handling of the coaches, but in the end, Jerry Jones pulled the trigger on McCarthy.

If the reports are true, Jones wanted a coach who had experience in the NFL and didn’t want the same on the job training he had with Garrett. McCarthy fits that bill for Jones and comes with an impressive resume during his tenure with the Packers.

Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy As Head Coach

Mike McCarthy Record

In 13 seasons with the Packers, McCarthy compiled a 125-77-2 record, won six division titles, went to the playoffs nine times, four NFC Championship games and won a Super Bowl in 2010. For the Cowboys, who haven’t been to the conference title game in almost 25 years, they’ll take McCarthy’s success.

The hire doesn’t come without warts, though. McCarthy did have quarterbacks Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers to work with during his time in Green Bay and had his issues working with the later. The dysfunctional relationship with Rodgers was one of the biggest reasons that McCarthy’s time came to an end with the Packers.

There were also other problems with McCarthy, who had issues on game days and preparing during the week. Clock management and an inability to alter his offensive scheme stuck out as issues during games and an awkward report of getting massages at the Packers facility while preparing game plans, something the veteran coach disputes, was an off the field problem.

McCarthy does bring a solid ability to work with QB’s, especially when it comes to mechanics and delivery, which should continue to help the development of Dak Prescott. He’s an offensive coach who brings an aggressive style and isn’t afraid to take chances on 4th down.

One impressive note on McCarthy was during his season off, according to an video report, the coach studied the game and embraced the analytical side of the sport. That was something many Cowboys fans railed against Garrett for not doing, using the statistical data to help make decisions. If McCarthy has taken the time off to learn more and embrace the future of the game, it can be a great hire for the Cowboys.

There are no reports on who will come with McCarthy to help lead the offense or if any current coaches stay. Likewise, no defensive coordinator has been named yet.

McCarthy brings a winning record, a no-nonsense demeanor, and an impressive ability to coach QB’s. If he’s truly embraced the analytics and has learned from his time away, this could be a home run for the organization.

Time will tell, but Mike McCarthy is a good hire for the Cowboys and Jerry Jones.

What’s your take on Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy As Head Coach

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